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Hi I am Jerry Low and this is where I share my thoughts and tips in blogging.

The objective of Blog In 15 is to assist newbies in setting up their first blog and intermediate bloggers to blog better. If this is your first time here, you should visit this page – it collects all the best articles published on this blog.

Read on if you’d like to know more about me.

How I got started?

I started building web assets since 2004. I never intended to be someone who made a living online, but life’s good and I love the challenge  as an Internet marketer. So, here I am.

I first started my venture on the Internet in 2004, left my day job and founded my first private Internet company in 2006, and I sold one of my sites in 2008 (can’t disclose the domain here) and funded my next company, the one that I’m running today – WebRevenue Inc – in 2009; my primary focus right now is Web Hosting Secret Revealed.

Having work as the little guy – a solo affiliate, a pro blogger, a web developer – for the past decade, this is the first “how-to-blog site” I am making to share about my experiences and ongoing studies in blogging. I don’t claim to be a guru (in most times, I prefer to be the student instead) but if you are the type that likes to find ways to get your blogging done in a quicker/cheaper/better manner, you and I will be fast friends.

My work on other popular blogs

I’m the founding editor at WHSR and write regularly on others’ blog. Here are some of my guest posts on other blogs.