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What’s WordPress?

In layman’s terms, WordPress is an Open Source web application that provides a convenient way to create, publish, and manage content online.

I refer WordPress as a blogging platform loosely on this site; but in reality, WordPress has evolved and it’s now widely used in building and maintaining various kinds of websites – forums, membership sites, business portfolios, and so on.

HOWEVER, please keep in mind that and are two different things. – The free, web-based platform is the free web-based blogging platform where you build and host your site for free. - a free web-based blogging platform. – a free web-based blogging platform. – The CMS, on the other hand, is the software/app you use to build a blog/site on a self-hosted environment (with your own domain and hosting service). - an open source content management system. – an open source content management system.

WordPress, in general, is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there for good reason. Its existing templates are so easy to use that even the most novice website architect can navigate them to create a beautiful, professional website – not to mention that for the seasoned developer, the site is highly customizable. There are thousands of plug-ins, it’s free, and has built-in metrics.

People who know me well knew I am a WordPress fanboy since long time ago. I run almost all my sites on WordPress and I strongly believe that WordPress is the best platform for any beginners who wish to start a new blog. Anyway, back to our topic – starting a self-hosted WordPress blog.

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