A2 Hosting Review – (TL;DR) Affordable and very reliable, easily one of my top favorites, highly recommended. To order, click here.

Note: This A2 Hosting is no longer valid. The last update I did here was March 2014 – which is pretty long ago. For latest news and hosting uptime data – please visit this A2 Hosting review (published at my primary site – WHSR) instead.

I love A2 Hosting. I mean, who doesn’t love a fast host, right?

I started testing A2 Hosting back in early 2013 and I instantly fell in love with their service.

If I could recommend only one web host besides my royal lover InMotion, A2 Hosting would be it.

But before I let you know why I love them so much, here are some boring introductions.

A2 Hosting is established in August 2001. The company is based in Ann Arbor Michigan and was originally known as Iniquinet. The name A2 came from the place where the company started – Ann Arbor – 2 A’s. The company offers a wide range of different hosting services,  including shared hosting that named as  Prime (price starts at $3.95/mo) and Prime + SSD (price starts at $5.93/mo). Both type of accounts come with “unlimited” almost everything: storage, transfer, emails, domains, sub-domains, parked domains and databases.

Why do I like A2 Hosting so much?

Details Here.

  • They are fast, real fast. The SSD hosting loads 300% faster than the usual ones.
  • They are very transparent with their operations – their server status and uptime record are all opened to public.
  • Their price tags are very reasonable.
  • They give quality shits like instant SSH access, hack scan, and Cloud Flare for FREE!
  • My A2 Prime account (at price of $3.95/mo) is 100% up most of the time; 99.98% if I am having a ‘bad day’.
  • Their allocate generous CPU resources to shared hosting customers – according to A2’s TOS, account will only be suspended if it exceeds 300,000 inodes or 35 concurrent HTTP connections to the server (which is A LOT).
  • Seriously, I can’t see any bad things with A2 Hosting. (Can you email me if you have complaints?)

A2 Hosting Uptime (October 2013)

A2 Hosting Uptime Score (Sept - Oct 2013)

A2 Hosting Uptime Score (Sept – Oct 2013)

My Verdict on A2 Hosting

Who should NOT host at A2 Hosting?

  • You dislike 100% hosting uptime.
  • You have problem with company name that starts with alphabet ‘A’/
  • You hate fast servers.
  • You don’t like free stuffs like Cloud Flare and Server Rewind Backup.

Who should host at A2 Hosting?

  • Those who are not mentioned in the ‘should not’ section.

Seriously, I recommend A2 Hosting to anyone who is looking for a good web host at reasonable price. Period.

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