InMotion Hosting Review – (TL;DR) Premium web hosting – best for business websites and blogs with heavy traffics. To order, click here.

Important note: The last time I updated this review was March 2014. It’s outdated and some info displayed is no longer accurate. Please visit my primary site – Web Hosting Secret Revealed – to understand InMotion Hosting better. To date I have tested and published 53 web hosting reviews, you can get them all at this page.

InMotion Hosting is a California-based hosting company that has been around for more than 10 years… blah blah blah blah. Do you actually need me to bore you with these kind of intro shits?

Guess not.

So yeah, let’s move on.

What you need to know about InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting = Batman?

  • These guys are good. The Batman-kinda good – not popular, but very very reliable.

I pay InMotion Hosting almost $1,000/year

  • I have two InMotion Hosting accounts at time of writing – one Launch (shared hosting) and one VPS-2000 (mid range VPS hosting).
  • Read again, I personally own two InMotion Hosting account. I pay them almost $1,000 yearly to host most of my important sites. This says a lot about them, yeah?

But then again…

  • However, I am not saying that InMotion Hosting is perfect.
  • For one, InMotion is a lot more expensive than the others. It takes money to become Batman, ask Bruce Wayne.
  • Two, they don’t support instant account activation – all new customers need to go through a phone verification process – which is sort of inconvenience for people like me who live in Asia time zone. (In exchange you get to host your blog in a safer environment –less likely to have fraudsters and spammers as neighbours)
  • Three, they don’t give out free domain to new customers. UNLESS, you are ordering via my special affiliate link.

InMotion Special Promo – 40% discount + free domain

  • Yup, I have got some kinda special deal with InMotion. If you order via my affiliate link, you’ll get a free domain name plus a 40% price cut on InMotion Launch and Power Plans. It’s probably the best deal you can ever get online.
  • No coupon code or whatsoever is needed for the 40% special discount.

Caution: You can’t get this elsewhere.
InMotion special deal – 40% price cut + free domain if you order via my special promo link.

InMotion Hosting Uptime

Here’s for the chart porn lovers. I have been tracking my InMotion hosting uptime for years – I have zero complaints with their server uptime.

InMotion Hosting Uptime Score (Feb - Mar 2014)

InMotion Hosting Uptime Score (Feb – Mar 2014)

Is InMotion Hosting for you?

Do not host at InMotion Hosting if…

  • You want a cheap web host – InMotion has nothing to do with ‘budget hosting’.
  • You hate picking up long distance call in the late night, just to verify your hosting account.
  • You are starting your first blog. I honestly think you should start small and go with iPage or WebHostingHub instead. FYI, WebHostingHub is the budget brand owned and managed by InMotion.

InMotion Hosting is for you if…

  • You like 99.9999999999% hosting uptime.
  • You want top-notch technical support to cover your ass.
  • Money is not an issue.
  • You are running some serious business online.
  • You would like to support me and get some 40% discounts in the same time.

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