iPage Review – (TL;DR) iPage is not a perfect web host but it’s a very good starting point for newbies. To order, click here.

Note: There were quite some changes with iPage hosting service in the past few years. For latest info and hosting server performance, please read up my iPage hosting review at Web Hosting Secret Revealed (my primary site) instead. Also – some other budget alternatives you might want to check out are: One.com ($0.25/mo), eHost ($2.75/mo), InterServer ($5/mo), and WebHostFace ($1.63/mo).

I bet most of you have heard of iPage – even if you do not own a website. Their ads are EVERYWHERE and they are topping at least half of the hosting ranking charts online. It’s just impossible  to ignore them if you are shopping for a web host.

But hey, do you believe these hypes? You know – all the ‘Best Web Hosting’ awards, 5 star ratings, and business since 1998 kinda shits. I mean – who cares?

The one thing you care about: Is iPage hosting right for my blog?

So let’s cut straight to the point here, alright?

What You Don’t Know About iPage?

The Truth

  • They are not perfect.
  • They are not the right web host for everyone.
  • They are popular mainly because the company is marketing like crazy and paying lucrative commission to affiliates.
  • Yes, people get paid when you order an iPage account via their affiliate link. Websites and blogs are often funded by affiliate commissions, including this one you are reading (hey, I have a family to feed too). This is how you get all the free content on Internet.

Endurance International Group (EIG)

  • iPage is managed by a large International business group named Endurance International Group (EIG) – who also owns BlueHost, Hostgator, Hostmonster, JustHost, PowWeb, FatCow, Start Logic, A Small Orange, Host Clear, Host Nine, Fast Domain, Globat, Net Firms, iPower, Xeran, VPS Link, Super Green, and many other popular hosting brands.

Cheapest Web Host + 99.9% Uptime

  • They are one of the cheapest shared hosting online ($1.99/mo!) and often run sudden weekend sales.
  • iPage is using vDeck, not cPanel – though both control panels are more or less the same IMO (newbies, don’t worry about this if you have no idea what I am talking about).
  • iPage offers unlimited hosting. But we live in a real world where resources and manpower are always limited. So short answer, NO – there’s no such thing as unlimited hosting.
  • You can, however, host ‘unlimited’ domains in one iPage account. By unlimited, I mean more domain names than you can afford.
  • Is iPage good? Well, yes if you are looking for an web host, with reasonable features and uptime, at an ultra low cost.
  • According to my record, iPage hit a 99.9% uptime score at most of the time – which is incredible for a budget host.

In My Humnle Opinion

  • Personally I think iPage is a good host for most newbies.

“Jerry, are you an iPage customer?”

Yes, I am. I host two sites on iPage at this time of writing. And I have been tracking their server uptime for years. You can read my very detail iPage review on my main site Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR).

Sample of iPage hosting uptime record

These charts were originally published on my main site WHSR.

iPage Hosting Uptime (Sept - Oct 2013)

iPage Hosting Uptime (Sept – Oct 2013)

iPage Hosting Uptime (Dec 2013 - Jan 2014)

iPage Hosting Uptime (Dec 2013 – Jan 2014)

So… is iPage Hosting a go?

As I said, iPage is not perfect; but it’s a good place to start your very first blog. Is iPage recommended? My answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

No, don’t order an iPage if:

  • You are running a mid-to-large e-commerce site – go A2 or InMotion Hosting instead.
  • You are running a blog with high traffics. According to my guesstimation and experience: a well-optimized WordPress blog with rough estimate 2,500 unique visitors per day should be okay. Go somewhere else if you are doing more than that. My review on A2 Hosting or InMotion Hosting should be your next stop.

Yes, give your money to iPage if:

  • You are starting a blog for the first time (you newbies!).
  • You are looking for a dirt cheap hosting.
  • You want a hosting account, RIGHT NOW (iPage allows instant account activation).
  • You want to thank me for the good work at WHSR and this blog.

Go now, click this button and order iPage.

visit ipage

Ordering via my affiliate link will not cost you extra and it support me to keep pumping helpful content to my sites, FOR FREE.