WP Engine Review – (TL;DR) First-class WordPress Hosting, over-priced but awesome tech support. To order, click here.

Note: This review is outdated. WP Engine made some major changes to their hosting plans in October 2015 and they are now a very different beast. Read my latest WP Engine review (updates once every 4 months) at my primary site – Web Hosting Secret Revealed – to find out more.

Oh yeah. I am glad that you come to read my WP Engine review. These guys are so good and I think they deserved more publicity.

WP Engine is a very special hosting company that focuses only on one niche: WordPress Hosting. The entire hosting system runs on WordPress (bye bye cPanel, phpAdmin, e-mail manager, etc).

The company is started by two WordPress experts/serial entrepreneurs – Jason Cohen and Aaron Brazell in 2010. I did an online interview with Jason back in 2011 and was honored to be given a trial account at WP Engine. I wrote a very detail review on WP Engine at WHSR but I guess not everyone wants to read my 2,000 words shit.

So here are some key takeaways for you.

Details You Need to Know about WP Engine

WordPress only web host

  • WP Engine is a WordPress-ONLY host. Your Joomla and Drupal sites will have to go somewhere else.
  • WP Engine users get world’s best WordPress tech support. Period.

Fast + 100% Uptime

  • Blogs hosted on WP Engine are fast. REAL FAST – I saw an instant 100% improvement in side load time when I first moved there (see image below).
  • Their 100% uptime promise is for real – at least that’s what I see from my record.

Not the perfect host, though

  • But, but, but … just like other web hosts, WP Engine is not perfect either.
  • One, their service is over-priced (guess it’s costly to keep all the WP oracles in company).
  • Two, WP Engine charge customers based on visits – For example, for Personal Plan (at $29/mo) they allow 25,000 visits/mo. The problem with this is that they count bad bot visits and hot-linked images as visits. You can read Harsh Agrawal’s post for more details.
  • Three, they do not host customers’ email. Remember I said WP Engine is a WordPress only host?
  • In case you were stuck with the email part – I have tested 5 – 6 email hosting services when I moved to WP Engine and wrote this email hosting guide – should be a good read for those who need help.

WP Engine Load Time

The day I switched to WP Engine = 100% improvement in site load time.

WP Engine site load time (tracked via Pingdom)

Site load time – before and after WP Engine (tracked via Pingdom)

WP Engine Uptime (February/March 2014)

Charts on recent uptime record.

WP Engine Uptime Score (Feb - Mar 2014)

Bottom Line: Is WP Engine for you?

Don’t go to WP Engine if …

  • You are not hosting a WordPress blog.
  • You are starting a blog for the first time (newbies, what were you thinking? Go back and read my iPage review instead).
  • You need to host other applications or programs on your website.
  • You want control on Cron, email hosting, Ruby on Rails, htaccess, and so on.
  • You hate paying extra for super-tech support that you won’t use (seriously, price is an issue at WP Engine).

WP Engine is for you if…

  • You want Superman-kind of tech support in WordPress.
  • There’s a possibility of your blog hitting Reddit’s front page (you lucky bastard).
  • You are always worrying about hackers and DDoS attacks.
  • You want to be king and have Superman to handle WordPress maintenance jobs for you.
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